What is Sound Healing?


Sound healing is a private or group session where the practitioner is using certain instruments to cleanse, clear and tune your biofield. Some of the instruments you may encounter would be gongs, singing bowls (crystal or tibetan), tuning forks, chimes, drums, rattles, bells, vocal tones…..etc. There are many different ways in which the practitioner can use the instruments and sometimes only a couple instruments are chosen or many can be used. It all depends on what the chosen intention is for the session. This work can be very powerful if the intention by the person is set appropriately and the practitioner remains very clear and present with the person’s intention.

How does the Sound Healing work?

If we break ourselves down to the atomic level and go a little further we are all just light. And light is sound. There are different frequencies that we are constantly shifting within when we are conscious and unconscious. There are frequencies that we see occur when people are in a state of anxiety or in a state of meditation. All states of mind are a frequency.

Our bodies have a natural ingrained ability to heal itself when it is operating in the optimal frequency for all of our internal systems to be in harmony with each other. The main root of any disease or lack of well being physically comes down to the bodies ability to cellularly reproduce properly.

About every 2 years if our cells are functioning properly we should have a whole new body. When the cellular function is not optimal then the cells have a hard time sloughing off the old dead debre and it ends up sitting around. As the new cells form they end up augmenting the cells and creating abnormal cells which change the function of the organ or system the cell is associated with and the whole process is interrupted leading to dis-ease of some kind.

This is a deep biological function and self healing component that we all contain. Any thing can create the initial disruption or chaotic frequency weather it is emotional pain, trauma, physical injury, negative attitude, poor diet etc.

The basic intention of the sound healing session is to bring a person into the frequency that promotes the self healing action and the body takes care of the rest.

The effects of the session can be very different for each person depending on what is happening for them at the time. It can be a very profound experience or more subtle. There can be immediate changes that occur during the session or there can be a lag time before one sees the effects it is having. Regardless of the specific intention set and the desire for what needs to change most people end up feeling calmer and more grounded, and either energized or relaxed depending on what they needed.

A private session is more personal and specifically designed for whatever issue the person is bringing to the session. A group session is more generalized for everyone and regardless of the people’s personal intentions which are set at the beginning of the session everyone is getting tuned.