A Soul Retrieval is a ceremony that is designed to retrieve parts of your soul that has become lost in space and time due to various forms of trauma.
The shaman on behalf of the person enters an altered state of consciousness and journeys to to an alternate space in time to locate and bring back the aspects of the person that are most needed to return at that time to restore a sense of harmony and balance for the person.
Part of the Soul Retrieval ceremony is a clearing and cleansing. A removal of the things that have filled in the spaces that have left holes in the person because of the missing soul parts. Often these things needing to be cleared have to do with negative thought forms, addictions, negative rituals etc we have installed to make us feel whole.

A Soul Retrieval is the beginning of the healing process. For many it can in itself restore a sense of peace and balance. Usually further work is necessary to ensure that the missing parts can integrate into the person wholly.

Each persons Soul Retrieval ceremony and integration process is unique to themselves. The shaman is merely the guide and facilitator to help the person find the things that will be the most helpful to their healing process.

The purpose of the Soul Retrieval process is to restore Personal Power and to educate people on how they lose power, and how to get it back, and maintain it. It is harmful to oneself and those surrounding us to lose our own power. It is an eye opening experience and a very healthy way to have power over your own life without it somehow having negative effects on others. Usually when a person starts to work on their own power they are helping those closest to them to also develop better healthy boundaries. There is often a ripple effect of healing when one person has the courage to take that step forward.

The Soul Retrieval ceremony is preceded by an intake session. Usually a 60-90 min session. This session is a conversation that allows the shaman to hear the distress of the person. The shaman is looking for the core wound. Everyone has a story and the story has cycles and repetitive aspects to it that are clues to the shaman how and where to find the missing soul parts. During the intake session the soul retrieval already is put underway. Energies and awareness already begin to shift in the person as they open up to the potential for change.

What are some symptoms of someone in need of a Soul Retrieval?

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling stuck
  • Feeling lost
  • Lack of motivation
  • erratic emotional behavior
  • Bad luck
  • Having tried various forms of therapy with little or no results
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Feeling like you are in a repetitive loop