What is Shamanism?




An ancient technique for transforming your life by removing blockages, locating missing parts of yourself, making your brain more flexible and strong, reconnecting with nature and developing your personal power.

Shamanism is not a religion, a faith or belief system. It is a technique of proven worthwhile tools for bringing yourself into a place of harmony and balance.

Everyone finds healing and health in their own unique way, and the beauty of this work is it is designed by the individual, and with the aid of a Shamanic Practitioner is formed for what the person needs. This isn’t therapy and yet it has many healing effects. It can be very inspiring creatively if you are an artist. It can help with depression and feelings of being lost or unsure – or unable to make decisions. It can help break negative patterns and habits, or repetitive cycles that cause us distress. Healing doesn’t always have to be a bad thing and it can be fun. It should be when you are finding the best way for you to travel through your life. It is the toothbrush for your soul to stay shiny and bright full of unique personal power.

A Shaman is a person who has the ability to go to Non-Ordinary reality to find solutions to ordinary problems and brings the information back to Ordinary Reality. A Shaman is the caretaker for the soul and one of their main purposes is to bring back missing soul parts that a person needs to regain wellness. Another major roll of a Shaman is to be a psycho pomp which helps souls to cross over and ensure that they don’t get stuck in the place in between.

A Shamanic Practitioner can be a guide and a witness to your growth. There are many tools a Shaman has to offer.

A session would begin with discussing what your goals or concerns might be. Once we determine what we are trying to work on then the Shaman chooses which technique or tool is needed for the first step. As you continue to work over time there are integration sessions and learning opportunities for the person to gain skills that they can use for the rest of their lives, or just experience the effect it has on their life. It is up to the person how much they want to learn or take home. The sessions themselves can make great movement occur physically, mentally and emotionally.

It can be hard to explain how it works and its probably simplest to look at symptoms that may be an indicator that this work could be beneficial for someone. Here are a list of some symptoms that to a shaman means something in the soul needs to be addressed.

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • addiction
  • feeling stuck
  • issues with your house pets
  • grief
  • death, dieing
  • cancer
  • chronic physical issues
  • negative repetitive patterns or cycles

Shamanism can also bring a sense of ceremony and ritual into ones life. We walk around often in a daze. Completely over stimulated and busy. Many people don’t know who they are or where they are trying to go. This can offer one a personal sanctuary. A place to go to find your true self and your souls purpose. Something you can do that can add meaning and symbolism to simple things that can enrich your days and bring depth and spirit to the things you chose to do and the places you go. There is a magic to life when you feel like you are in the right place at the right time and everything is working for you.