Rejuvenating the Feet & Hands Continuing Education Course for Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis Teachers.

Developed by Specialized Master Trainer Emma Kingston Approved by Juliu Horvath.
The Feet & Hands are the furthest parts of our bodies from our brains. They begin to develop at 8 weeks in utero. They are our most complex designed mechanical parts of our bodies with the most automatic neuro patterns. They are heavily over worked and over looked in terms of care. Most people suffer from some level of discomfort in one of these areas. Unfortunately there seems to not be too many places to turn for answers for these parts of the body. We are quick to get padded shoes and braces but what about strengthening and diversifying what these parts of the body do.


Much change can come from addressing the lack in the feet and hands. It allows the shoulders and the hips to move with greater ease making our other endeavors much more enjoyable and effective.


These courses came from a personal place of need. Emma Kingston was born with foot issues that later led to the development of scoliosis. Being and artist, musician and bodyworker Emma also developed some repetitive stress issues in her arms. Later after having two children in compounded the issues in her upper body. After trying many other things on the market with little relief she had to look deeper to find some answers.


These two courses both address the idea that we need to open and strengthen our feet and hands. People tend to over stretch and over coddle rather then make the nervous system work more dynamically which in the end sheds those repetitive stress areas by creating a more equally distributed system sharing the load with its whole self including the rest of the body.


Teachers who take these courses will walk away with a stronger nervous system and many tools to work with their clients both in private sessions and to send them away with homework tools.


A little can go a long way for most people and a lot can completely change your body allowing you to enjoy your activities to the fullest.