Personal Intensive




A personal intensive could be many things. It is time that you are creating to immerse yourself. Our minds and our bodies have powerful pathways of information stored in its structure and mental makeup. We are genius’s! We have developed ways to do things without thinking about it to achieve simple and complex tasks all day long.

You can slowly transform and reeducate the mind and body over a long period time which is a really great way to build it into your life and make it a habit to combat your habitual negative patterns. We tend to have a fairly narrow focus during our days doing a repetitive task for many hours. Our routines literally shape our bodies, bones can bend under enough pressure and over time can deform. Our ability to perceive our environment and navigate the incoming information shapes our nervous system and our perception of being safe and comfortable heavily influences the way we hold ourselves through out the day.

What is a personal intensive then?

It is a way to immerse yourself in a new nervous system. If you interrupt the routine that you are used to and overwhelm the system with completely new information you start to confuse it. You teach it some new tricks and things start to fall away. The things that are detrimental and causing pain or distress realize that they are heavily over working and get a break. They start to share the load. Once the system starts to feel this slack everything can relax and start to work as a team, as a whole person instead of individual parts.

From my perspective an intensive is best if it is as least 3-5 days with 2 to 3 hours of work each day. The work itself can be many things depending on what we are trying to work on. My most common intensive is usually 3 days with 2 hrs on the first day, 3 on the 2nd, and two on the last. We spend a lot of time doing Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis, I often like to do hands on manual work the 2nd day and the 3rd day is spent on integration. If there seems to be a mind/body component to the issue at hand then some of the time can be spent on the mental/emotional component that seems to play a part. The idea is that it is personally designed for what we are trying to address.

Besides just luxuriating in self care there can be some really applicable reasons why this can be a very productive thing to do.

  • Building a workout that you plan to continue on your own
  • Chronic issues that you are not seeing change
  • For a highly intelligent nervous system like dancers or professional athletes and movers this can be a way to ensure you are not ‘cheating’ and overusing things that you may have had to develop a certain way in your body and in group environments you can get away with it or in an hour session there isn’t enough time to disintegrate your strong patterns.
  • Really inflexible bodies
  • People with a lot of scar tissue

Often times a weekly hour long session just isn’t enough. Its great for the purpose of getting your work out in, general maintenance and keeping everything tuned up. Typically in an hour you spend half of the time getting things nice and warmed up and then there is only a small amount of time when the nervous system is making a trade happen before its time to cool things down and get ready to close the session. Longer session time allows us to soften up the scar tissue or tight fascia that hangs on the body like heavy plastic sheets and get the muscles pumping and the blood flowing. Longer movement gets you to fatigue a little so you can pass through the effort into a place of ease. After 3 to 5 days you have plugged your body with so much new information and fluid movement your body and mind can discard tension and anxiety much more efficiently.

I highly encourage all people both my clients and students to develop a personal practice. Its not really yours if you can’t do it on your own. These intensives support this idea and make any time you do spend with a teacher that much more efficient and effective and fun. Doing one of these is not supposed to replace or negate your hourly maintenance session. Those are imperative to keeping the change you discover going. You can get beyond feeling like your dragging your body along on your life’s journey and experience the deeper aspects of a truly functioning body. The body is your souls vehicle, which kind of transportation would you prefer? Smooth and reliable? Or bumpy and broken? Hmmmm…….