Online Movement Classes Categories

Live Movement Classes on Zoom

Mid Level Classes Category

Spinal motions, Seated Leg Work, Seated Handles, Upperstrap Hamstrings, Standing Upper Strap Twist and Pull, Upper Body Openings Seated.

Advanced Level Classes Category

Starts on the floor, neck opening preparation, spinal motions in the diamond positions, deep hip opening, long standing sequence, shoulder stand, unwinding.

Foot & Hands Classes Category

Mid Level workout, scrubbing the calves, hamstrings with foot positions, handles for the hands, twist and pull with hand positions, standing side arches with foot positions, upper body openings for the neck and hands, grounding the calcaneus.

Specialized Classes Category

Great preparatory tools for the Archway or Ladder. Use the tower handle unit to do Leg lifts, Levitation, Waterfalls, Side way movements and unwind.