Emma Kingston

Master Trainer & Owner

Specialized Master Trainer Emma Kingston has been a bodyworker from a very young age. Working professionally since 1998. She uses many mediums to help open and transform people’s bodies in a multidimensional way. As an artist, a bodyworker, and a musician, she sees how the stresses of our daily lives based off our chosen activities shapes and stresses the body. Things that are good for our soul and our spirit, or our need to work can overwork parts of our physical selves that lead to damage over time.

Her own struggle began when she was born with feet that were curled up like fists. Later as she grew up she developed scoliosis at a young age. The discomforts in her body lead her searching for relief. Becoming a Massage Therapist in 1998 was just the beginning. She recognized in working passively with people that only so much permanent change was possible which sent her searching for something else. Stumbling upon the GYROTONIC® Movement system in 1999 was the piece she had been looking for. Believing that the body could be transformed to operate the way it is designed to be. Free of restrictions and full of capabilities to move the way the great animals move was the motivation that sent her to pursue becoming a Master Trainer.

Now she spends her time conducting teacher trainings around the world in hopes to spread this information to as many people as possible. In the process of becoming a Master Trainer hew own foot and hand issues led her to creating a course for the Gyrotonic community for Rejuvenating the Feet & Hands using both the Gyrotonic Equipment and the Gyrokinesis Method.

Over the years she has learned many techniques including Reiki, Visceral Manipulation, Deep tissue techniques. Recently studying the practice of Shamanism is adding to the awareness of the relationship between the physical body and the animus of our soul. All of these techniques and tools joined with the movement knowledge and her hands on skills has lead to her own unique style of manipulating the body to invite positive, permanent change.

Emma has been a healer her whole life. Originally from a very rural part of Northern California nestled in the prairies near the redwoods and the lost coast Emma was immersed in nature and all of natures spirits were her first teachers. Over the years Emma has accumulated many gifts and talents using various healing modalities. At Heart of the Rose she has created a safe space for people to explore the realms of spirit  and helps people to get in touch with their Souls unique purpose. Emma believes everyone’s healing process is highly individual and creative and no healing path is the same. She see’s the process as a piece of art that is ever unfolding. Emma has studied with Michelle Christensen for the past 3 years. She has been through the Advanced Shamanic training and continues her studies with Michelle.

A large part of Emma’s personal path started at a young age with foot issues and scoliosis. She started to engage in movement practices as a dancer and a gymnast at an early age. She also suffered from depression that started when she was a young teen. After going to SanFrancisco to attend the School of the Arts Highschool in the dance department Emma realized she was not as interested in being a performer but rather wanted to engage in movement for health and well being. She became a Massage therapist in 1998 which taught her a lot about how disconnected people are from their bodies.

This awareness sent her looking for greater ways to connect people to themselves which led her to find the GYROTONIC(R) method. The Gyrotonic method revealed a lot to her about the bodies process of expansion and contraction and how holding patterns and distresses build and shape the body and eventually lead to break down. After working on her own body and others bodies for two decades she learned that the mechanical body can repair itself very quickly if the issue is a matter of malfunction on the bodies part. However it became more and more clear to her that the distresses that one holds onto and becomes chronic fall into a different category.

After deeply immersing herself in the movement world and feeling that she had not only corrected her foot issues but also had managed to straighten out her spine there were some chronic outstanding issues that even through various treatments and modalities had hardly responded. They had gotten better but not gone away so something else needed to be discovered. The answer ended up being within the realm of Shamanism. She started to work privately with Michelle Christensen and that was when the chronic physical issues and depression both started to unravel. The physical changes that occurred from meeting and working with lost soul parts, and meeting her spirit helpers, and being reconnected to a connection with nature long missing were profound in the changes that were seen on the inside and the outside.

At Heart of the Rose Emma offers Soul Retrieval Ceremonies, Soul Integration Work, Drum Healing, and Shamanic Bodywork. Within the process of these practices there are many techniques and tools that are used. Different ceremonies, guided meditations, and ritual work are all incorporated. Emma’s goal with any person is to get them standing on their own with internal or external forms of exercises that a person can use on their own to build their personal power. She desires everyone to feel strong and independent and well supported on their journey and tries to bring a sense of fun and curiosity to every persons healing experience.

Her home base is in Portland Or at Center GYROTONIC® A studio she started in 2001 and has now passed ownership over to one of her students so she can focus on the further development of her skills. Emma splits her time teaching the Gyrotonic and GYROKINESIS(R) movement with doing body work and being a Shamanic Practitioner. She works closely with clients and students to bring them to their greatest potential.

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